Self Care

Self Care

Self care is so important yet can be so neglected at times as it is hard to recognise your own self neglect. I am writing this post on personal opinion and not a professional opinion, some of the tips have been suggested by professionals which I will point out. 

I really do believe it is important that we practice self care more than we do. It is important to take a break sometimes and reconnect with ourselves to see what is going on. This is where mindfulness is really important and can be really easily practiced. There are a few apps, Headspace(recommended by professional), calm, simple habit meditation. YouTube videos on mindfulness can also be helpful to some. Yoga, walking and meditation are some of the ways you can practice mindfulness. 

Now I am going to make a list on some self care tips that might be helpful for some of you, I am going to start with the ones I find most helpful to me.
  • Reading
  • Being with my dog
  • Listening to music
  • Having a bath
  • Photography
  • Drawing
  • Walking 
  • Exercise 
  • Talk to a friend
  • Cleaning your room
  • Blogging
  • Writing a journal
  • Mindfulness 
  • Acceptance of emotions, feelings etc...
  • Lighting candles
  • Writing thoughts down in a diary
  • Having a pamper session 
  • Rest
Your mental health should be as important as your physical health. You should be your own priority look after yourself. There is another App I'd like to mention and that is Vent. Vent allows you to choose an emotion and allows you to write why you are feeling that way, you can either share with everyone else on vent or keep it to yourself in your diary. There are also groups you can join, I think the community on vent very supportive. 

If anyone has any other ideas or advice please leave a comment below.

Hannah x


  1. I think you're entirely right, we put so little emphasis on taking care of ourselves - always requiring more and more of ourselves, while taking little time to maintain ourselves. If you were to force a tractor to plough a field twice the size that it always have, and never take time to maintain the engine or the wheels, it would surely break down.

    And it really is as simple as that. Find things that fix you - and use them readily whenever you need to.

    Hope you're having a great day today, and taking time for yourself.

    1. That is completely true, which is why I wrote this post I want more people to realise taking time for themselves should be important!

      Thank you!


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