Positive Experiences With Mental Health

Positive Experiences with Mental Health

I had a think about whether or whether I would post something about my positive experiences with mental health and even though I still feel there isn't something quite resolved yet, I know I am on the right road now. I am going to start right at the beginning.

Paediatrician - This was the first person I encountered after school suspected me to have some difficulties with being in lessons. I seen 2 paediatrics one was in training and the other specialising in behaviour. They were both absolutely lovely, they did support me but unfortunately they believed I had mental health difficulties and put me back in touch with CAMHS. I had seen CAMHS once before only for a brief session to discuss treatment for ADHD. Unfortunately for me CAMHS wasn't one of my positive experiences.

Mentor  - I was provided a mentor when I was 13/14, for me this was a good experience I finally felt I had someone to talk to and explain how I feel. Eventually this came to an end which made me feel sad. I did then receive mentoring again from some other people who were just as lovely and I was able to talk to them the same way. However being at school and talking about suicidal thoughts to a mentor just meant you had to speak to a senior teacher.

A few teachers - Honestly school was so hard for me and completely an awful experience. I am so thankful for the teachers who kept me going and also at times kept me safe from myself. I am lucky enough to still be able to contact one of my teachers who supported me so much.

Nurses and Doctors in A&E and paramedics  - I believe I have had 3 visits to A&E when coping badly with my mental health. Twice with self harm and suicidal thoughts and another for suicidal thoughts and voices. I have also got to thank them so much, although one visit wasn't as brilliant but I still respect that they was very busy that evening. Both times I visited for self harm were absolutely amazing. The first time was such a scary experience being only 14 I didn't know what to expect. I just remember throwing up as soon as I got into A&E and saying sorry to the nurse in front of me. The second time was most recent a month ago, I can't even thank the one person that looked after me enough. My encounter with the paramedics was for a panic attack, I thought I was dying, I thought I was having a heart attack it was absolutely awful, I'm grateful for how quick they got to me.

Community Mental Health Team  - I have seen 3 different nurses, I just wish it could be the same one unfortunately its not the case. I do appreciate them being there to listen to what is going on. The second two times I have been I don't feel like I was honest about how I felt which is my own fault.

GP  - Although I have seen a few of the GPs at the same practice they have always done the best they can to support me. Providing me with information and being there to support me with my mental health when I am discharged from the mental health team.

These are some of my positive experiences with mental health. I have also negative ones but I just want you all to be aware that there are positive experiences. There are people who really care and it sometimes can take time to find these people. Please leave a comment with your positive experiences or feel free to email me. 

Hannah x