Feeling Strong Again

After 2 weeks of being really low and feeling like my life isn’t going anywhere, I suddenly have the urge to fight my mental health again. I’m feeling strong again, better than before and I am ready to kick my mental health away.

I’ve been to the doctors and been referred back to the community mental health team (CMHT) although this is a positive this time I feel I’m ready to achieve the maximum from the appointment. I feel I am ready to share my views and in hope that they listen to my views. I’ve been going to therapy also which is helping me slowly I know I need to make more effort.

I’d been totally knocked down looking for jobs and attending interviews and although I’ve got the agency work which hasn’t started yet I am still looking. I’ve got an interview Friday and it would be a lovely job but also very hard work but that doesn’t stop me. I know what I want and I’ve just got to keep fighting for it.

Hannah x