How I've Been Getting On

How I Have Been Getting On

Hey guys, how are you? So as most of you who read my blog you will probably have an understanding that I post every now and again about my recovery and how I am getting on.

So how have I been getting on? Well it's been a bit mixed within the last few weeks, as most of you will know I have been diagnosed with BPD (borderline personality disorder) which I am still waiting for a review appointment which will be the 3rd August. So as I am still under the care of my community mental health team, which by the way this has been the longest time I have been under their care as normally they review me then discharge straight away. I am looking forward to my medication review as I've been trying to come of my duloxetine but failing miserably due to the withdrawal symptom of brain zaps! Has anyone ever experienced brain zaps and managed to get rid of them?

As I said the last few weeks have been pretty mixed, I am lucky enough to be able to use the crisis team my community mental health team provide, unfortunately once I am discharged I won't be able to use this again. I've had a few occasions where I have had to ring them but I have been doing so well with self harm, I have been clean from self harm for around 3 weeks, maybe a little longer. My main problem has been dissociation which I am hoping in my review meeting we can discuss what might help me. 

I am currently very bored and pretty much bed rest whilst I let my toes heal from having a minor operation to remove 2 ingrown toe nails. They are very bruised and also time consuming having to do dressings everyday until they heal which can take 4-6 weeks, I am never going to want to do a dressing again. I am also still looking for work which feels like I have been doing for months now but it has only been 2 months and in all honesty I don't feel 100% ready to go back to work until I know I have a plan in place for my mental health.

I guess that is all for now! 

Hannah x