Upcoming Therapy

After being diagnosed with Borderline personality disorder (BPD) I have been referred for some in depth therapy. I will be starting with CBT in stress and low mood management which I have had some experience with before so it won't be completely new. However, following that will be some more in depth therapy DBT which in all honesty hasn't be explained to me in much detail yet as I am still waiting for my medication review meeting and to discuss the therapy in more detail.

The CBT will help me to prepare for the DBT which sounds completely strange how you have to have therapy to prepare you for therapy. It hopefully won't be too long a wait for the CBT to start but I haven't been told in detail what the waiting time is like for it, I am just going by the usual waiting time for when I have had CBT in the past.

Unfortunately I know the DBT won't be happening until at least January which does suck quite a bit. I do however have a DBT book at home which is especially for girls with BPD, this book is by Debbie Corso it is called Stronger than BPD. I have also just bought her journal which follows from Stronger than BPD. I am hoping to get the most out of therapy as I can to help me with recovery.

Hannah x


  1. I'm so sorry it is taking so long to get your appointment! Happy thoughts and positive vibes from me to you!

    1. Thank you so much! I got my appointment in just under 2 weeks I’m super excited and nervous!


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